Sometimes all we need is a little push..

A bit of a new start


Hello, Lovelies!

After a hellish 2016, I decided that 2017 needs to be different. I learned a lot about myself during 2016, granted not all was bad, but it was a roller-coaster of a year.

For years now I wanted to start YouTube. It’s always been a massive interest for me. I never wanted to start it because of the success so many people have found, but because it’s such a great creative outlet! It’s also am amazing way for me to step out of my comfort zone, which is my theme for 2017.

I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety for a majority of my life, I’ve kicked depressions ass, but my anxiety always seems to get the best of me. Well, it’s time to kick anxieties ass now! Yesterday evening I filmed and posted my very first YouTube video. Is it good? Not really. Is the editing sketchy? You bet. But you know what? It was so fun! This is not only a new, exciting hobby, but it’s a way to work on my insane insecurities and anxiety issues.

I don’t expect anything from YouTube, I don’t expect to hit it big, or even get more than 1 subscriber, but that’s okay, because it’s all about having fun and learning.

However, I would love for people to join me on this journey of learning, growing, and concurring those areas of our life that we aren’t happy with. Be it, weight loss, fixing insecurities, or working through depression and anxiety. It’s always easier when you have a group that cheers each other on and motives one another.

Why Blogging, too!?

Simple, I love writing! Blogging has always been an interest for me, as well, but I’m just a chicken. I have so much anxiety around putting myself out there, even if it’s something I know i’ll love. This year is the year I plan to crush that like a little bug, and I hope others join me on this journey, so that we can crush it together!

I still have so much to learn, but I’m loving it so far!

Thank you so much for reading, and watching, skimping through. It doesn’t matter, just thank you!

Until next time,